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2nd Mile
Artist: Ben Park Drive
Venue: Studio Recording
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2nd Mile
Download samples from Ben Park Drive's new album "Signs are Everywhere."
Ben Park Drive        
Ben Park Drive… Is it a place? A Philosophy? Maybe both. Undeniably, it is rock music packed with soaring melodies and emotions; songs that grab you upon a first listen and will not let go.

Rising from the ashes of several former Denver-based rock bands, Ben Park Drive emerges as much more than a sum of its parts. Angie Stutzman (vocal), Mike Hillegas (bass), Troy Stutzman (guitar), Steve Miles (guitar) and Dann (drums) came together in late 2002 to begin crafting what would become the debut album, "Signs Are Everywhere."

As Angie describes the experience: "It took over a year to write, rehearse, and record this album, but we knew when we started that we wanted to create a sound that would be ours — a record that could reach people both lyrically and musically and would stand up next to the works of our favorite artists".

To that end, Ben Park Drive recorded "Signs Are Everywhere" in Nashville and then mixed it down in New York City with music industry veteran Ken Lewis (David Byrne, Soul Asylum, Everlast, Public Enemy) producing. Lewis set out to help the band realize their musical vision with a long process of writing, pre-production and revision. As he tells it, "I wouldn't let the band go into the studio for eight months. They were impatient, but every time we got together or they would send me a new song, I saw such tremendous growth. I knew what this album could sound like long before they did, and I wanted to give them time to develop and grow as writers and performers. The finished album far exceeded even my lofty expectations. I think this is a hit waiting to happen."

Ben Park Drive have already establishing a national presence by performing at festivals and clubs including, Portico in Stevenson, WA , Cornerstone in Orlando, FL, Sonshine in Willmar, MN, and as supporting act for 2004’s KISS/Poison Concert and on the Zippo Hot Tour here in Denver.

What the future holds for Ben Park Drive no one can predict, but one thing is certain... "Signs Are Everywhere".
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