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Artist: Rexway
Venue: Studio Recording
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Here are some of Rexway's studio tracks. What are you waiting for? Start downloading.
Rooted in the genres of country, punk and alternative rock and watered in a downpour of heavy metal attitude, Rexway is a wild hybrid shooting up amid crops of hothouse musical flowers…cross Charlie Daniels with AC/DC and you might come close; smash Johnny Cash into Motley Crue and you might come even closer.

Founded in1999 by vocalist Mike Mitchell and guitarists Skot Lain and Chris Dockter, and shaped by their ‘stadium-rock-meets-tried-and-true-Wyoming-country-music’ aesthetic, the trio set out to transcend any easy musical labels from the very beginning. After snatching accomplished drummer Craig Dubin from the bowels of the musical education industry, the only trick was finding the perfect bassist. With the addition of Susan Phelan’s triple threat of stunning musical talent, seductive swagger and riveting stage-presence, Rexway became complete.

Summer of 1999 saw the release of Rexway’s self-produced album, County 10, and with it an underground following that attracted followers like a food truck in a famine, the band quickly outgrew its ‘local’ status and began touring. Promoting and marketing itself all along the way, Rexway’s County 10 found its way into the hands of well over 10,000 eager fans.

By Fall 2001 Rexway recorded an HBO “Reverb” show, and was featured around the world on such extreme sports video shows as the FOX Network’s racing series "Slednecks." The band is also slated to appear on an edition of the upcoming worldwide DVD release of extreme snowmobile action entitled, Sledporn.

Summer 2003 brought both the completion of Rexway’s album Last Call Scars, and a show at the Whiskey in L.A. brought changes when Rexway began working with producer Peter Distefano — former Porno For Pyros and Peter Murphy guitarist— on a full-length demo at legendary Westlake Audio, in Hollywood, CA.

With high-energy performances, guitar-driven metal licks, and melodic choruses that stick in your head long after the show is over. Rexway not only has the potential to make it to the top, but to stay there long after other bands have come along after-the-fact to mimic their sound,style, and originality.

Rexway is currently seeking professional management and major label support, working on new material, and updating their set list in preparations for a possible spring 2005 tour. Most recently, Rexway put out a limited edition box set which includes the original County 10 CD remastered with bonus tracks, a limited run of the LA sessions and a double live album recorded at venues throughout the Rocky Mountain region.
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