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Commodes, The
Colorado Performing Artist Commodes, The Jimmy Savage (lead vocals/guitar), Drew Wells (bass/vocals) and Eric Wood (drums/vocals) couldn’t believe their eyes, pointing and exclaiming, “She’s actually wearing a Commodes shirt!!!” They were used to seeing their shirts at their own shows, of course, but this was different… This was Rancid, Tiger Army, and F-Minus — a show where mohawks are dyed the night before and everyone comes dressed in their best…

With what the Commodes have already accomplished in their brief existence, it’s a surprise they weren’t on the bill.

After forming up in 2000 and after playing dozens of successful shows, the band released their 2002 debut EP “A Prelude to Toilet Rock,” which received an unbelievable response. AOL Radio, Netscape Radio, and all put it on regular rotation, resulting in four of the five songs making the Top 25 Modern Punk List. The song “Cheers,” was voted by listeners to the number 7 spot, outranking well-known bands such as Green Day, Blink 182, Good Charlotte, and Rancid and, locally, the band met with similar success when local FM heavy 106.7 KBPI played the CD in its entirety on Sunday nights for an entire month, with the DJ referring to them as, “an early day Green Day, except faster.”

With the success of “A Prelude to Toilet Rock,” the Commodes continued to play shows at local larger venues such as the Ogden, Gothic, Bluebird, Soiled Dove, Rock Island, and Starlight Theater.

In the snowy month of February 2004, the Commodes went to legendary 8 Houses Down studio to record their latest EP, Cursed from the Beginning. Produced by Matt Vanleuven and Chris Fogal (the Gamits, producer of Love Me Destroyer’s, “Black Heart Affair”), The CD is fast, intense, and pure, unadulterated punk rock. Eric’s machine gun drumbeats define power, while Drew’s intricate bass lines carry Matt Freeman-like difficulty. The lyrics — written by Jimmy — display not only his dark, horror movie side, but also scribe his sincere upbeat power anthems. From start to finish, Cursed from the Beginning gets your fist pumping and your heart going.

To this day, the band is continuing their relentless DIY work ethic and self-promotion, with all the hard work paying off in a weird way when Colorado’s infamous show promoter, Maris the Great, “killed” them for his first television episode of ‘Dead as F**k’ — a prestigious honor in the Colorado music scene. The episode, which can be seen on the website,, has received click-throughs from around the country numbering far into the thousands.

While Jimmy (19-years-old), Drew (19) and Eric (20), still aren’t legally allowed to drink in the bars they play, their dedication to entertaining performances and memorable music at these venues is unstoppable. And, as they say in Maris the Great’s ‘Dead as F**k,’ the only level of success they’ll really be pleased with is world domination.

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