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Fong Jones Band
Colorado Performing Artist Fong Jones Band Good friends Jody Calhoun and Derrick Camasso — vocals and guitar, respectively — first began writing melodies and lyrics in the summer of 1998. Their first-ever attempt at writing as a duo, “Crash,” (later re-named, “Last Day”) is based on Derrick’s involvement in an auto accident. In spring 2002 Calhoun and Camasso went into the studio to record the seven original songs which comprise the release, Tiny Flaws and Imperfections. Upon completion of the tracks, the two then began searching for other musicians to form a band. Soon thereafter, they found drummer Matt Helms, and in February 2003 added bassist Ryan Nicholl. August of 2003 brought Glenn Blair to the lead guitar position, but during September came the departure of Helms. Shortly thereafter, drummer David “Davis” Foonberg joined the fray to finally complete the puzzle and the band’s current line-up.

Since its conception the Fong Jones Band has been fortunate enough to share stages at many venues with talented local and nationally recognized artists. The Fong Jones Band captivates audiences with their unique sound, hoping to share their stories with many more as their history continues.

With his uniquely deep, raspy vocal delivery, Derrick Camasso shares stories of sorrow and lessons learned, and has found a way to capture emotions for audiences of all ages and from all walks of life. When asked about the Fong Jones Bands diverse audience, singer Derrick Camasso’s reply is straight-forward: “Every person has experienced many of the same situations: love, hate, acceptance and rejection. To see a sixteen-year-old sitting next to a fifty-year-old at one of our shows, each painting their own mental picture of one of our songs is truly an amazing thing. We wouldn’t want it any other way.”

While Calhoun’s addictive rhythms and nuanced acoustic guitar work paint a scene using imaginative, sweeping strokes, Glenn’s melodic leads evoke the tension and release that pull lush emotions to the forefront of the listener’s consciousness. Nicholl’s bass figures glide along the low end, while Foonberg builds dynamic and gradual curves, propelling the listener into each scene.

The Fong Jones Band’s most recent release is The 13hr EP.

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