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Under the Drone
Colorado Performing Artist Under the Drone Under the Drone's four members, Ben Gun (vox, guitar), Justin Delz (guitar), and brothers Mike Harper (drums) and Dave Harper (bass) are all parts of a whole, the sum of which forms an ensemble of talented musicians who strive for excessive passion through music.

Through various connections and mutual friendships Dave and Mike found Ben and Justin, who have all been involved in the local music scene for several years. After a few stops and starts the four members of Under the Drone came together with a vision of capturing the sound of a thousand watts of power running through high tension wires and the space that surrounds them. Through the combination of thoughtful lyrics, solid song writing and composition - Under the Drone surpasses the requisite ideology behind a "band," and takes it to another plane altogether.

The way the music expresses the futility of passiveness is in no way indicative of aggressive posturing. Instead, by recognizing the inevitable boundaries in life the music floods and tears its way through the cracks and holes, dissipating the corrosion between connections and feeding a stronger current through the lines. Much can be said of a bands tone, this band has honed and crafted a unique sound that transfers well into live and recorded settings without any of the intensity being lost.

In the end, its rock and roll and it all comes down to their shared passion of using music as a release, having a good time and rocking hard.

Their first self-titled EP is a blistering example of musical ingenuity and electric splendor. Put your keys in the ignition and crank it over. Hit ten on the stereo and let the songs inhabit your soul. Under the Drone will be number one on your list of bands you must see this year.

Keep an eye out for them this summer touring the West Coast exclusively in support of their EP. -- Shane Roeschlein -

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