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Melissa Ivey
Colorado Performing Artist Melissa Ivey It's time for a change! The industry is changing, our economy is changing, and consumers are changing. Technology has advanced to provide a wide variety of avenues for music production and distribution, and there are now more independent artists than ever before. Consumers are now overwhelmed with options for both listening to and purchasing music, and sales are no longer generated primarily from radio play. These factors have begun to dictate the current economics of the industry. Labels have been forced to lay to rest long-lived traditions of investing big budget dollars into breaking artists. An artistís raw talent is simply not enough anymore to open a door anymore. What that translates to the artist, is an increased responsibility to create his or her own buzz. Today's artist must market themselves and their music more aggressively then ever before. They must establish their roots on their own. Denver's own Melissa Ivey has done exactly that.

A shameless self-promoter, Melissa Ivey has established herself as one of the most popular acts to see in the area, and her fan base is growing in leaps and bounds. She is not only a seasoned performer, but she also knows her way around a studio fairly well. Melissa has spent countless hours in the studio, writing and recording, and has secured a spot with Global Sound Studios as a studio musician to assist with their clients' recording projects. She is actively involved in her music community, and shares her time to mentor other aspiring musicians regarding business matters, promotions, and performing.

Melissa Ivey's raw talent alone is enough to justify an investment into her future, however when you add her intuitive business savvy way of handling matters, you are truly getting more than bargained for. Melissa has the drive, the ambition, and the smarts to succeed within this industry, and the vocal power to evolve into a true enchantment. to

Your time in reviewing Melissa Ivey as a potential artist to work with is appreciated. I am sure that you will agree with the fact Melissa Ivey is a name that will be heard, and her voice is one that will be recognized. A short bio follows this summary, and a sample CD of live and studio recordings are enclosed. Thank you in advance for your time.

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